Soon after purchasing the car I noticed that the car would turn VERY sharply to the left but had a huge turn radius to the right. If you put the steering wheel straight the car would drive straight down the road and I did not see/feel any alignment problems at all. Something had to be out of adjustment so I started investigating the problem.

Turning the steering wheel all the way to the left (approximately 1.6 turns) made the wheels turn in very sharply:

Turning the steering wheel all the way to the right (only around 0.8 turns) didn't turn the wheels much at all. It is hard to see in the picture but there is a HUGE difference between this and when it is turned to the left:

The steering wheel turned 2.5 turns lock to lock. This is the position of the wheels at a 1.25 half way turn (still turning to the left):

Left tie rod threads (about 4.5):

Right tie rod threads (about 3):

Left wheel straight:

Right wheel straight:

Left wheel fully in:

Right wheel fully in:

Left wheel fully out:

Right wheel fully out:

The full rack with wheels straight:

Nothing to see below here (future use):