Due to health reasons (bad back), I have decided to sell my V8 Miata project before it is completed. The sale includes two Miatas.

#1 - A drivable V8 Miata that is in good shape mechanically but poor shape cosmetically.
#2 - A rolling Miata shell with nicer interior/exterior than car #1.

Info about Miata #1:

The car was built three years ago and has around 15K miles on it since the conversion.

The engine is an LS1 5.7L (347.8CU) with aluminum block and heads out of a 2000 Trans-Am with 75K miles on it. It has been upgraded with PAC valve springs and a Thunder Racing TR224 cam with a .563 lift. It has been dynoed at 350 RWH (see the video below). The tranny is a T56 6-Speed from the same 75K mile Trans Am with a brand new Spec stage 1 clutch and remote clutch bleeder. The rear end is a 7.5 Ford IRS with 3.27 gears and a new Ford trac lock limited slip diff with 5K miles on it. The suspension uses KYB AGX shocks and Tein springs. The wheels are ATech Monoblock 15x7 with Hankook Ventus R-S2 225/45R15's in front and BFG G-Force T/A D255/50R15 drag radials in back.

The exhaust:
Hooker headers modified by Boss Frog
Two cherry bomb type glasspacks
Rear O2 sensors disabled in ECU

Swap parts:
Boss Frog k-member
custom trans and diff mount
Speedway Driveshaft
Half shafts and hubs modified by Martin from Monster Miata

PRC aluminium double pass radiator with red GM Antifreeze
walboro 255lph fuel pump
ss braided fuel line w/ all AN fittings
The power steering is OEM Miata
Soft Top replaced in February 2009 and looks nice

Info about Miata #2:
I purchased this car about 6 months ago because the V8 car was really ugly. I didn't want to get a perfect car because the plan was to flare out the fenders and do some body work (i.e. body kit) to it. The paint isn't perfect and it does have a few small dings but the car is straight. I pulled the interior out of the car and did some seam welding to it (for body stiffening) as well as put dynamat type sound deadening down. I also have heat shielding material but it has not been installed yet.

Miata #1 pulls very hard though the gears and the speed 5000 RPM is calculated @ 215 MPH (of course I haven't driven anywhere near that).

The car has been professionally tuned on the dyno. This is a video BEFORE the tuning (you can see some excess fuel smoking at the end):

Note that the intake piping goes through the hood and hooks to a K&N filter in front of the radiator for a redneck version of cold air induction. All that is needed to correct this is a $20 hose (90 degree).
Miata #2 has a good hood that will cover it all up. I do not have many pictures of Miata #2 but you can see it in the last picture (the hard top has been sold).
Because of how extremely fast this car is I am not looking for a bunch of joyriders to come by and test drive the car. Only serious buyers please.

I've gotten some requests for pictures of what the car looks like underneath (tranny mounts and stuff like that). Here is the rear end mount:

From the side:

The tranny mount:

The exhaust:

The shocks/springs: