Honda Z50 Mini-Trail Project

*** This webpage will be under construction for a while until we officially get the project started. We are still having fun with the bikes and not too eager to take them apart right now to work on them. ***

My wife's grandfather, Fred Maick (pronounce "Mike"), purchased a new Honda Z50 in 1971. He gave the bike to her in 2008. We had a lot of fun riding it around the field in the back of our neighborhood and decided to buy another one so we could both ride at the same time. I purchased bike #2 and #3 off Craigslist in Pensacola, FL for $400. I'll record the restoration of all three bikes here.

Some info on the bikes (I could be wrong on some of this):
Bike #1 - 1971 Z50AK2 Mini Trail 50 - Serial#Z50A-319718 - Mexican Yellow - Engine ???
Bike #2 - 1987 Z50R'87 - Serial#??? - Shasta White - Engine (upgraded to a 70cc)
Bike #3 - 1985 Z50R'85 - Serial#JH2AB020SFS601296 - Blaze Red - Engine AB02E5110146 (1980)

Here is Grandpa Maick on the 1971 model. When we got it there were a few problems. The main problem is that the gas tank was rusty and leaking.:

Here is bike #2 and #3 in the back of my father's truck:

I've hired an assistant to help me work on the bikes :

Bike #2 left side:

Bike #2 right side:

Bike #3 left side:

Bike #3 right side:

Bike #3 was a bit disassembled but I got a few parts in the sale (the oil jug contains the chain):

The rear plastic fender on Bike #3 was cracked:

I used a soldering iron to stitch it up:

I am not getting any power from the coil on Bike #3:

Well, two years later and I have not gotten any further with the project. The bikes are now in peices. Only the '87 is running at the moment and it smokes!

1969 Z50 Parts Manual:
1969 Z50 Parts Manual PDF

1969 Z50 Shop Manual:
1969 Shop Manual PDF