My wife had been talking about buying a wine tree for a while so I told her I would build one for her. Before I got started she bought a cheap one for $25 off the internet. Needless to say, it was a piece of junk and broke about two weeks after we put it in the ground.

Here is what it looked like (from the ad on the internet):

I decided to make a larger and more sturdier version out of rebar. I tried bending it by hand but was unable to so I went to Harbor Freight and purchased a 12 ton hydraulic pipe bender for $77. It was supposed to be $89 + tax but I had a 20% off coupon. The pipe bender is ITEM 32888-0VGA on their website if you are interested. It looks to be fair quality and I will probably do some modifications to it so I can turn it upside down and make a bench press out of it:

I put a tape marker every 10" so I knew where the center of my bend was going to be:

The bends were coming out a little too small:

To get a larger bend I decided to use a larger die:

The rebar started out around 12' long and after the bends it was a little shorter than 10':

I used some small rebar (a little smaller than a pencil) to make the branches. The branches are every 10" and there are three of them in a triangular pattern. It was a little hard to get the pattern correct and welding these on was the hardest part of the project. I think if I were doing it again I would make some sort of jig to help with this:

My wife wanted the tree to look like it was growing out of a pot so we drilled a hole in the bottom of a pot and slid it onto the trunk. Below that we welded some cross members to keep the tree from falling over. The bottles are a little heavy and we have a rediculous amount of wind at my house so this was a necessity:

Just a shot to show the dimensions of everything:

The wine tree ended up being a little tall and sticks into the branches of my River Birch tree. My wife wants me to cut it down a bit but I am going to leave it like this for a while to see if she will get used to it. Note that the cross member is laying on the ground with 2" of rocks on top of it and the pot on top of that:

You can see that a lot of the bottles are sticking straight out instead of pointing upwards. I'll probably go back and bend the branches a little to get them more vertical. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to think about this since I need to drink another 12 bottles of wine to fill all the branches:

I took another picture after my wife planted some pansies in the pot:

I have no clue about flowers and such but she says pansies are a good choice because they like the cold (it is November right now) and they stay low. You don't want them touching the bottles I guess. What do I know, I just do the welding around here: