I was recently given a free '92 Miata (all I had to do is install a stereo in the PO's other Miata for trade). It is pretty rusted out and already stripped of most of the nicer parts but it should be a good base for some projects. I'm thinking maybe some Miata based artwork, put a gas grill under the hood, etc.



Ugly and Rusty:

Rusty and Ugly:

Well, the project fell through. I ended up keeping the car around for about 6 months and really couldn't figure out what to do with it. I did manage to sell off a few parts though. In the end it cost me $50 to rent a tow dolly to pick the car up but I sold the trunk lid and lights ($80), finish panel and bumper ($150), the engine ($200) and the doors, hood, front bumper ($100). So, after all the work was done I ended up with $480 in my pocket. Was it worth $480 to have the car sitting around for 6 months and doing all the work to it (stripping the car and trying to sell off the parts)? No, it probably wasn't. I currently have a Geo Metro parts car sitting here and I am wondering what to do with it. I'm thinking it needs to go ASAP as well.