In April 2016 the arcade project was coming together so I wanted to get some AC installed in my workshop. The brutal South Carolina summer was going to come fast and I didn't want to stop work on the arcade for a few months waiting for the heat to end:

I had considered several options for heating / cooling the workshop and then someone on my Geo Metro forum suggested ordering a Pioneer ductless AC unit from Amazon. It turned out to fit my needs quite nicely and the $1070 price tag for an 18,000 BTU unit was great. I placed the order and two boxes with a bag full of hoses and wires showed up on my doorstep in just a couple of weeks:

The inside unit hangs on the wall with a mounting bracket:

I figured the middle of the right side wall in my shop (close to where the clock is) would be a good place to hang it. Time to start cleaning:

The mounting bracket on the wall with a hole for the wires and pipes. The grommet on the wall was a mistake (supposed to go on the outside wall). I did not correct this:

I bought nine (I think) 50 pound bags of concrete for my pad. I formed it up and threw some chicken wire in there for support:

I roughed up the surface with an old broom and rounded the edges (I have no idea what I am doing when working with concrete):

I just happened to have a spare 220V run that I had installed when I built the workshop. I had a blank plate over the wires for the past three years and I decided that would be a good place to get the power for the outside unit:

Instead of taking my wall apart or running wires up through the attic I just drilled a hole through the wall from inside the junction box holding my spare 220V:

I mounted a fusable disconnect box over the hole were the wires were:

I was a little worried when I did this but you have to bend the copper tubing, for the inside unit, 90 degrees to get it out the wall. I made sure when I cut the hole through the wall I had it angled downward to help with the condensate drain:

I know, that is pvc water pipe and not electrical conduit. I cheaped out on that one and it caused me a lot of problems trying to pull the wires through: