I did some rust repair on my Geo Metro and while waiting on the bondo to dry I started looking at some of the scrap metal I had lying around. I grabbed a piece and it looked kind of like a dragon fly body. A new project was born.

I grabbed a larger section and started drawing a pattern:

I got four dragon fly bodies out of the one piece of scrap:

A cardboard mock up of what the wings will look like:

After getting the mockup made I put it on top of my expanded metal scrap and used spray paint to transfer the pattern:

I tried cutting the first set of wings out with an angle grinder equipped with a thin cutting wheel but it didn't work very well (and burnt up an entire disc). I switched over to a pneumatic nibbler and it did much better:

After an hour of cutting I had a swarm of dragon flies:

After painting I hung one in a tree:

Closeup so you can see some details:

I also made several that stood on posts: