You can file this in the "if you wait long enough all the toys you really want will come down in value" category. In the late 90's, Gateway (Called Gateway 2000 back then) brought out an extremely expensive line of computer systems. The Gateway Destination was supposed to replace your TV, VCR, and internet connection. These systems ran around $3500 to $4500 and were mostly toys for the rich. Being the computer geek that I am, I really wanted one of these but there was no way I was going to buy one. Fast forward nine years later and I finally purchased my "dream computer". Of course, it wasn't so dreamy any longer but for $10.50 on ebay (I practically stole it) it didn't really matter that it was only a Pentium-II with a 56K modem running Windows 95. I had already purchased several of the HUGE 31" and 36" CRT monitors for use with my XBox LAN setup. The 36" CRT weighs in at a hefty 218 pounds!

I have had to put the restoration of the Gateway Destination on the back burner for a while but I can tell you that I finally got a fresh copy of Win98 installed on it (took me three full days to do this!) and found the super rare wireless keyboard and remote/mouse combo on Ebay ($40). When I get a few spare days I will start working on it again. Hopefully I can have a fully working system in the next year.

The system came with a 1.4 floppy drive and a DVD-Rom (Note the front RCA jacks and the very impressive USB 1.0).

On the back you can see all the video in/out ports.

Here you can see how large the monitor is in relationship to the huge desktop case. Also visible are the keyboard/remote and huge IR transmitter/reciever:

This will give you an idea how large these monitors actually are: