My wife wanted some Christmas reindeer made from plywood for the front yard. After thinking about what a pain storage in the attic would be I decided to make them out of sheet metal and stick them in the back yard year round.

We cut patterns out of paper and traced them onto a 4x8 sheet of 16ga steel:

That is a lot of legs:

I used my plasma cutter to cut out all the pieces:

I needed slots cut in each part so they would fit together. Since cutting straight lines with a plasma cutter is nearly impossible (for me) I made a jig out of wood to help:

Not perfect, but it will work:

I had to beat the hell out of some of the parts to get them together but they look pretty good once assembled:

I tacked all the parts together with my Mig welder for stability:

After painting and calking over the tack welds and slots they look even better:

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