I've been wanting to build something out of some of the old Miata parts I had in my "junk yard". A couple of weeks ago my wife broke my favorite cigar ashtray. While wondering what kind of ashtray to buy I started thinking about building one myself. Hmmm, how about combining the two projects into one. So, the Mashtray (Miata Ashtray) was conceived.

I wanted to make it a standing ashtray and while looking around I found some parts that could possibly be used. A couple of brake discs, an exhaust camshaft, and two camshaft pulleys:

A few quick welds was all it took to put them together. I didn't clean the rust off any of the parts but the welds seem like they will hold together ok:

Although I really don't use an ashtray to hold ashes (it is more there just to be able to set the cigar down while running inside to make another drink) I didn't want holes in the bottom of it.

Maybe, I'll put a hub cap (center wheel cover) in there:

Nope, too big:

I used a belt sander and angle grinder to cut down the sides a bit. I did all of it freehand but still managed to get it semi-round:

I also needed to cut the back of it off so it would lay flat:

Yes, that looks nice. I'm not sure if the project is really finished or where to take it from here. If I could get access to a mill (or build one myself with my drill press) I might cut some grooves in the face to keep the cigars in place.

For those who are interested, here is a link to my DIY "coolerdor" page: Cigar Humidor Page