ARRRRRRRG! My feet are on fire! I lived with it for years on the M1's we owned but now that we spent some big bucks on a Mazdaspeed there was no way I was going to deal with the infamous "Miata hot foot". I've tried several things without success over the years but hopefully this will solve the problem (or at least help cut out some of the heat). Since we were prepping the car for a 1200 mile trip to Dallas next spring I wanted to do a bit of work on the heat.

Start by removing the seat (four 14 MM bolts at the edges). My bolts were pretty easy to get out for some reason. Usually the gorillas work overtime on these. Also, you will need to remove a bolt that holds the seat belt in:

Before removing the seat you will have to disconnect the wires for the seat belt buzzer. I just buried these wires under the heat shield when I was finished. They aren't really needed for anything.

The door sill is different in this car than my M1's (which have to be unscrewed). Just pull up on the sill and it will pop off in your hand:

I purchased a 4' x 25' roll of Reflectix from Home Depot for $42 + shipping:

A close up of the label in case you want to order directly from them:

I just rolled out a bit and cut off a 32" x 48" section (there was a little extra on there since I had already cut on this roll before:

Put the reflectix on the floorboard and do a test fit. I didn't do a good job of taking pictures of this but you are putting the reflectix under the carpet as close the center console as you can. On my Blue Miata I had the center console removed so I could get it way up there. Trim what you need to:

put the relectix under the carpet and mark all the holes where bolts need to go through it:

Cut the holes out and reinstall the seat and door sill. Pretty easy stuff. The carpet loses its shape a bit (since there is extra stuff under it) but you can't really tell. I did find some sort of OEM heatshield under the carpet but I didn't want to pull it out and goof anything up so I just left it under there: