Ever since we bought the car I really felt like Black on Lava Orange would look fantastic. The first step in the transformation will be adding black OEM head light/tail light bezels. While I was taking pictures of the installation it occured to me that I had never used my digital camera's camcorder function to document the modifications I have been doing to my cars. Well, this will be an interesting test of that. If I get some positive response from it maybe I'll try to incorporate it into my next install/mod.

Oh, for the record, I am using an Olympus C-770 Ultra Zoom camera. Most of the pictures on my website were taken with that. It does have a 10X optical zoom as well as MP4 video capabilities.

A before shot of the head light:

A before shot of the tail light:

The instructions that came with the bezels pretty much sucked so I had to play it by ear. This really was a nerve racking install and I ended up having heartburn by the time I finished up. Here I am using blue painters tape to put the bezel in the correct position:

I used yellow masking tape as alignment marks. After using the blue tape to get the correct placement use the other tape to make sure you can get the bezel back where you need it to be when the adhesive it exposed on the back.

I put about 10 pieces of masking tape on top of each other to build up a little ledge for the bezel to sit on. This will help me get the bezel to the correct mounting height:

When it came time to do the second head light bezel I didn't feel like I needed to have as much alignment tape:

The orange covering over the adhesive was kind of hard to pull off. Here you can see my wife removing it with some tweasers. YES, that is indeed pac-man on her fingernails!

This pattern of alignment tape worked good for me on the tail lights:

"After" shot of the back:

"After" shot of the front (again, I'll snap some better pictures when the weather warms up):