At the heart of the car's performance lies an M45 Supercharger overspun to 16,000 RPM with a BSP Air/Water Intercooler.
This calculation shows pulley dimensions and how fast the Supercharger RPMs will be at redline (7200 rpm).
The faster you spin the Supercharger, the greater volume of air (boost) that is pumped into the engine.
This is how you make power!

Crank Pulley........Nose Pulley........Ratio.....Blower RPM
Stock (130 mm)......Stock (73 mm)......1.78:1......12,816
BBK (150 mm)......Tony (67.5 mm)......2.22:1......15,984

See how the BBK pulley overlay (right) has a larger circumference than the stock crank pulley (left):

Also note how the Tony pulley has a smaller circumference than the stock nose pulley:

Spinning the supercharger so fast not only increases your boost pressure (from 6 psi to 12 psi) but really increases the temperature of your intake air. To bring the temperatures back to normal (high temps cause engine killing detonation) I use a Brain Storm Products Air/Water Intercooler that I purchased off a wrecked Miata. The BSP kit was one of the best ever made but high manufacturing costs and lack of customers (very few high boost Miatas back then) caused production to stop).

The intercooler gets its water supply from the radiator overflow bottle. The water is recirculated through the intercooler and a small radiator that sits in front of the stock engine radiator. Here you can see me modifying the overflow bottle:

Note the inlet and outlet hoses now on the stock bottle:

The intake manifold and JR "hood rubber" outlet (so large that it rubs the underside of the hood while you drive) have both been ported and polished. Here's what the hood rubber looked like before polishing:

And here's what it looks like after a ton of elbow grease. I'm not much into making the car look "pretty". The polishing was actually completed when this manifold was on my beautiful garage queen '92. It got canibalized for use when I started building the Beast. Note the "greasy spot" on the top of the outlet. Some day I'll tell the story of the $2300 mistake!

Of course, when you're spinning your supercharger so fast you tend to have a little belt slip as well as shred a few belts. To make the changes easier and to hold the belt tighter I have a custom pulley system. It is made with a peice of aluminum stock and a stock slotted tensioner pulley from a Miata timing belt setup.