Intake Air Temperature Testing

Set up to do some tuning (laptop hooked up and temperature probes connected):

My first temperature experiments were made on 8/5/03. I used two cheapy (~$30 each) Radio Shack indoor/outdoor digital thermometers.

I have a k&n filter located right beside the SC and no heat shielding on my exhaust manifold or SC. I also have the MidTenn fixed headlight assemblies with the lens covers removed (should allow lots of air under the hood) and no plastic under engine pan. I mounted my temp sensors in three places (see below) and can see my intake temps from the link ecu (after the intercooler). My coolant system has had no piping modifications but the radiator has been replaced with an all metal unit. My 6 temps are: 1) The space behind where the wiper motor goes (where the vent gets its fresh air - completely sealed off from the engine bay)

2) The open space beside the intake manifold where the washer bottle normally sits (a nice open space to put an air filter)

3) The top of the K&N filter (again, right smack beside the JRSC)

4) NORMAL In-line measurement between my A/W IC and intake manifold (when not under boost)
5) MAX In-line measurement between my A/W IC and intake manifold (when under heavy boost)
6) Coolant temp

Some loose averaging out of the temps show:

1) 85* (pretty much ambient temp)
2) 100* (stayed about 15* above ambient)
3) 105* (always stayed 5*-10* above the cold-side)
4) 110* (was only 93* when cruising at 3500 rpm after some spirited runs)
5) 140*
6) 198*

My initial thoughts on this data:

1) My IC works pretty well. After all the pedal mashing I did I only got the intake temps heatsoaked to 100. That's only 15 above ambient and could probably be improved with out too much trouble.
2) Behind the wiper motor is a great place for an air filter. Wonder what 15* cooler intake (before SC) would do for my power?
3) Beside the SC is not really as hot as I thought it would be. Would shielding the SC with insulation hurt it in some way?
3) Its 5* hotter in the cabin (ashtray cup holder) than behind the wiper motor
4) My coolant system works fairly well
5) I'm going to get a ticket if I keep driving like this
As I do further testing and design a CAI system (cold air induction) I'll post further results.