My father asked me what kind of "out on the road" protection he should get to replace his High Point 380. The EAA 357 Snub Nosed Windicator came to mind as an inexpensive wheel gun for protection. They were selling them at Gander Mountain for $320 each and he asked if I wanted one as a present since he was stopping there anyway to pick one up. Heck yeah, who would turn down a free pistol. Little did I know what it was going to look like when he brought it to me (he lives 11 hours away). Note the unfinished machining on the crown/muzzle. It is sad to say that this was the best pistol of the pair:

Hmmm, why is the barrel longer on the one on the left?:

WOW! Are you seriously telling me that both EAA and Gander Mountain did not see this?:


It's a good thing I looked at them before shooting because I probably would have blown my hand off:

Video showing the pistols: