I was itching to play with my Walther P22 but I wasn't really sure what to do with it. I had already done most of the 1917-1911M modifications (do a search for Walther P22 Bible for info on these modifications) but I wanted to do more. It seemed like a red dot scope would be just the ticket. I ended up purchasing a Walter brand Picatinny scope mount ($42.04 shipped from Tactical Innovations) and a BSA red dot scope ($23.00 shipped off Ebay).

After getting my new toys in the mail I soon found out that I had a problem. The scope would not go level on the mount. It is hard to see here but the front mounting screw is in one of the mounting slots but the rear is not (no slot for it to go in to):

Here is a picture from the other side:

The problem stems from the mounting screws being on the same plane and not the rear mounting screw being higher like this one. Mine must be a weaver rail mount and not a Picatinny mount:

You can see that the scope would be level if I didn't use the front screw (the screw not falling into a slot is what raises the front):

I took the rail off the mount and marked where I wanted to cut a new slot with a razor blade:

I tried using my drill press to drill multiple holes in a straight line to create the slot. This turned into a disaster because the drill bit kept flexing when it came in contact with the previous hole:

I ended up holding the rail in my hand and using the side of the drill bit to grind a slot. You can see that I chewed up the rail a bit when I took my mind off what I was doing:

How the slot looks from the side:

Putting the rear screw in my new slot looks like it did the trick. The scope is level at last. However (this is hard to see in the picture) the rail itself is at a slight upward angle in the rear because of the way it attaches to the mount. I may have to revisit this later if I have problems shooting from several distances:

I think the gun looks kind of cool like this. Not a bad project for $65.04 and 15 minutes work. I haven't shot it yet but I will report back when I do: