At this point (June 2014) I've owned six AK-47's and one AK-74. I really like the platform and the round it shoots. I had seen the Draco AK pistol on sale a few place and even though it didn't look very practical it seemed to be a perfect next step to take on the AK journey. An opportunity presented itself one day when a friend and I took a 200 mile road trip to get a burger and fries. There was a nice gun shop a couple of miles away from the burger joint and we decided to drop in and see what they had. The "great gun scare of 2012" (Sandy Hook) was coming to a close and prices were dropping rapidly. The store happened to have a CIA Zastava PAP M92 PV AK 7.62x39 Pistol (now that is a mouthful) for $455 out the door. I jumped on it!

When the rifle was purchased it had horrible furniture. I don't think there was any finish on it at all:

A close-up of the wood:

I removed the furniture, cleaned it, and let it dry for a day:

I spent the next two days sanding and staining:

Looking much better now:

19.3" of fury! How she looks with a 30 round mag:

A quick comparison between the M92 and my AK-74:

I decided that I wanted to step down to a 20 round magazine and add a muzzle booster. As soon as the new parts came in I got to work:

To add the muzzle booster I needed to remove the tread protector / muzzle nut to get to the 1 x 26mm threads. It was welded on so I used a dremel and file to break the weld:

Getting closer to what I had envisioned:

The M92 is a substantial piece of hardware to be lugging around (much heavier than what it appears to be) and I needed something better to carry it in than a standard rifle bag. I want to build something special but in the mean time I purchased an Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Tactical Submachine Gun Case:

The pistol and 20 round mag fits great:

The only problem is the six small pockets for 9mm Uzi mags or whatever it is designed for. I took a razor blade and cut every other seam out to make three large pockets. The bag is now perfect:

Soon after getting the bag I ordered a CAI SB-47 stabilizing brace. The ad states "This SB47 brace secures the Krinkov AK style pistols to the shooters forearm and assists them in firing. This is not a stock and no NFA tax stamp required":

Hmmm, this pistol is now looking like a pretty good self defense weapon. How she looks with a 40 round mag:

If 40 rounds is good then 75 must be better! Wonder if this thing will fit on the nightstand beside the bed. Might be time to swap it out with my 45 cal pistol I keep for home defense:

Definitely won't fit in her bag any longer:

Still short compared to my RPK:

Before buying the M92 and adding all the accessories to it I could have just ordered one with the brace and muzzle booster already installed. They are out of stock now but they were selling for $750 (after shipping and FFL transfer) at one point. I now have $609 in mine so I think I made the right decision:

This is the look I am eventually going for: