After my first session of 45 caliber bullet casting I wanted to try some casting for my Mosin PU Sniper. Not only did I want to do some hand loads for accuracy but I wanted to see if I could work up some gallery loads (light loads).

I had used reclaimed range lead for the 45's but this time I used wheel weights. I had around 120 pounds of clip on wheel weights and stick on wheel weight (COWW and SOWW):

Since I would be shooting the bullets through a rifle I wanted to make sure the hardness of the lead would stand up to the high velocities. COWW are a little harder than SOWW so I chose a 3:1 ratio (COWW:SOWW). This came out to 10# CO and 3.5# SO:

I used my brass tumbler to apply the Harbor Freight red powder coating to my cast bullets the last time but I wanted to do a modified "shake and bake" this time. I chose a Cool Whip container which was made out of Polypropylene (indicated by the #5 symbol on the bottom) as my shake container:

I purchased a jar of Crosman Airsoft BBs which should provide a static charge when shaken in the Polypropylene container:

I weighed out 2 pounds of bullets which I calculated to be around 90 bullets (2 pounds x 7000 grains per pound / 155 grains from a Lee C312-155-2R mold). This actually ended up being 95 bullets:

I mixed the bullets with the BBs at what I guessed was a 4:1 ratio:

I then added a tablespoon of HF Red to the mix. This ended up being enough powder coating for all 312 bullets:

After shaking the bullet/BB mixture (actually, more of a swirling it around) the bullets were completely coated:

I pulled the bullets out of the container with a small pair of pliers and put them on my powder coating screen. The instructions are to remind me what to do the next time:

This is the Rival toaster oven I purchased for $19 to do my powder coating in:

I did three total batches of around 100 rounds each:

Note - You are probably seeing missing links to some pictures above. I still use Notepad to create the html code and have a template with plenty of extra references to pictures to save on typing. As I continue the page I will add pictures and descriptions and these missing links will disappear.