The driver side seat was pretty beat down in Sippy when I purchased her so I decided I would just swap the foam from the seat bottom of the passenger side seat into the driver side seat. I had no intention of ever having a passenger in the car since this was only my "work car" so it really wasn't a big deal to sacrifice the passenger seat in the project. Also, the plan was always to remove the passenger seat for weight savings so I could save a little money using what I had and not buying a new seat. At some time I may purchase one of the ultra cheap and very light plastic racing seats for the car but that would have to wait for a while.

There are 5 bolts in the car that hold the seats in. Once removed the seats just pull out. Here you can see how bad the driver seat is leaning:

Remove two screws that hold the bottom plastic cover:

Once the plastic cover is gone you can see how disgusting the seat rail and back adjustment is:

Be careful not to strip the phillips head screw holding the seat hinge together. I used an impact driver and hammer to remove it:

The two seat rails are held on with four bolts:

The seat bottom cover is held on with 15 or so hog rings. Just use a pair of dykes to cut them off:

You can see how bad the seat foam is. The bolster when the driver gets in and out was ripped:

150K miles of sitting in the driver seat has compressed the foam:

I bought these hog rings when I did the same thing (sort of) to Red Beast. I think the new rings and ring tool were less than $10 at my local hardware store:

After swapping the seat foam into the seat pans I cleaned up the OEM seat covers and attached them with the new hog rings:

I purchased a cheap $20 set of seat covers at Advanced Auto Parts:

Project complete! It took me about 3 hours to swap the foam in both seats. The "new" driver seat was bolted back into the car and the passenger seat was stored in my attic after using some spray adhessive to glue the ripped seat foam back together. I'll run the car with only one seat for weight savings as well as extra cargo room: