I've been searching for a more efficient 5 speed transmission to replace the 4.39:1 gears that come with the Metro Convertible. I finally found what I wanted (hopefully the tranny will work) when I purchased two parts cars for $400. The red 1992 is a 3-cyl automatic that runs but smokes very badly. The white 1990 XFI does not run but I am not sure what is wrong with it at this point. The XFI tranny has 3.85:1 gears and should help in my quest for fantastic MPG.

Two cars for $400 may not have been a bad deal:

Both cars are pretty much ragged out and gutted:

Yep, that is what I have been looking for. I hope the tranny works!:

The red '92 has a much nicer dash than what my covertible has:

The red '92 also has A/C. I just purchased some A/C parts for $80. I wish I would have waited a few weeks:

So, how did I do on the parts car project? Well, I spent $445 total ($400 for the cars and $45 for a tow dolley rental to get them home). I ended up selling the red car for $400 and the engine out of the white car for $350. So, I made $305 for a little bit of work and I am left with a nice XFI transmission (already installed it in Sippy) a spare air cleaner, door handles, shift knob and linkage, AC compressor, sun visors, and a few other things. After all was said and done the parts car purchased ended up being a good thing. I probably should have kept the XFI engine but it was nice to subtract the $350 from the total cost of my project.

Oh, two other things to note. The white car was hauled off for free to the scrap yard and the red car was sold to a guy who is going to use the engine to power a 25,000 watt generator.