When I bought Guzzler ('94 Geo Metro Hatchback) a few years ago I noticed that it would run out of gas much sooner than Sippy would ('93 Geo Metro Convertible). It wasn't that it got fewer MPGs, it was not able to use all the fuel in the tank. I could not figure out why this was happening but I guessed that there was several inches of crud in the bottom of the tank. After driving the car for 2.5 years I could not take it any longer and had to drop the gas tank so I could see what was in there:

This is what my fuel gauge shows when the car starts to sputter, cut off when driving around curves, and becomes hard to start. Experience with Metros would indicate that I should be able to drive at least another 100 miles at this point:

Even though I have a car lift I figured it would be easier just to drop the tank with the car driven onto my DIY car ramps (three 6"x2" boards nailed together):

The first thing I did was removed the two hose clamps in the rear of the tank:

I then used a 12MM wrench and loosened the four bolts holding the tank up. They are located in the middle of each side of the tank:

There are THREE hoses behind the driver's seat. I put that in CAPS because I only removed two clamps and ripped one of the hoses because I did not see it:

When you remove the three hoses you will get some fuel draining from the fuel filter and the injector supply line:

After the five hoses are disconnected you can fully remove the four mounting bolts and drop the tank:

There is an electric harness on the fuel pump that comes from the interior of the car:

In the two rear corners of the rear seat you will find two phillips mounting screws. You can access these screws by folding down the rear seat back and pulling out the barbed clip (I never can remember what those things are called) to move the fabric to the side:

After removing the two phillips head screws just pull up on the front of the rear seat and it will pop right out:

Removing the seat exposes the connector for the fuel pump harness:

After dropping the tank I washed it so I could make sure no dirt dropped into it when I removed the pump. There are about 12 phillips head screws sealing the fuel pump access panel to the tank:

When the pump assembly was removed I could see the pump was not OEM equipment. At some point a previous owner had replaced it. I also noticed that the pump/strainer (some people call it a sock) was at an angle that I was not expecting. I would have thought that the strainer would have been parallel to the floor of the fuel tank instead of at an upward angle:

Peering into the tank it was plain to see that there was not a spec of dirt in there (well, very little dirt). Also, the baffle fill port flowed quite nicely. I wasn't even close on my guess on what was causing the problem:

Inspection of the strainer showed that it was not only dirty (it was trying to do its job) but ripped as well. Was this my problem?:

I removed the strainer (just pull on it and it will come off) and replaced it with one from Advanced Auto Parts ($8 for an Airtex FS3). I did not take a picture of it but it looks pretty close to what I removed except it was clean. I also asked Advanced to get a new fuel filter for me since it was easy to get to at this point. When they told me it was $25 I told them to put it back on the shelf. I am not sure why I did that (well, I'm pretty cheap but it would be a mistake to not change it) but I am glad I didn't buy one because when I got home I found that I already had one that I bought years ago. It takes a 10MM wrench to remove the mounting bolt and two hose clamps later it is in your hand. I drained it to see how dirty the fuel was (it was filthy) due to the torn strainer:

So did it fix my problem? Nope, not even close. I put some fuel back into the empty tank and left for a gas station that was about a mile away. I barely made it there. When I topped off the tank I found it took 8.38 gallons (meaning I had about 2.22 gallons in the tank). I'll update the page when I find out what the real problem is...

Note - You are probably seeing missing links to some pictures above. I still use Notepad to create the html code and have a template with plenty of extra references to pictures to save on typing. As I continue the page I will add pictures and descriptions and these missing links will disappear.