Shortly after buying "Guzzler" (1994 Metro 2DR) we noticed that the garage started smelling like gasoline. Later we saw where the gas was coming from. I am not sure what I am looking at so I am getting some outside help with this one.

Here is where the hard pipe from the gas fill tube meets a rubber hose going to the gas tank:

The guys on said all I needed to do was add a hose clamp so that is what I did:

I climbed under "Sippy" (our 1993 convertible Metro) to see what it was supposed to look like and sure enough there was just a clamp missing on Guzzler. I couldn't really tell what I was looking at under "Guzzler" but thought it may have been some kind of compressed band fitting that was holding everything together. Nope, it was just supposed to be a hose that was slipped on and held with a clamp - Duh!: