While replacing my leaky camshaft seal I found that the passenger side frame horn was rusted through. I don't know why I never saw this before but this is a major problem for the Geo Metros. So, for the 3rd time in a two weeks I found myself working on the car. Still, probably not so bad for a 18 year old Geo Metro. The pictures of the rust and repairs are not that good because of the location and lighting conditions. This is the rust on the side by the tire:

Here is a shot of the rust on the front of the frame horn. The inside (towards the engine) was rusted too but it was far too hard to get a shot of it:

I jammed a long screwdriver in the frame horn and started chipping away at all the rust. The inside was full of old rusty chunks. I next used an air compressor to blow the old rusty junk out of there. I ended up with two handfulls of rust. I can't believe that much stuff was in there:

The axle was in the way so I popped the lower ball joint loose (you simply pull the bolt out and wack it with a hammer) and then removed the large nut in the center of the wheel (covering the wheel bearing). Once those two sections are disconnected you can pull the wheel assembly (discs, brakes, etc) out of the way:

I put plastic bags over the lower ball joint, the wheel assembly, and the axle to keep dirt off the parts. It may not have been the best idea in the world because I set them on fire while welding:

Yes, another out of focus picture. It is pretty hard to see but three sides are eaten away:

I made a pattern out of a piece of paper that covered up the outside hole:

I then took some 14 gauge sheet metal and cut out the pattern:

All welded up. The welds don't have the best penetration in the world but it was the best I could do considering the location, equipement and my skill level:

Here is the front section welded up:

After the welds were done I sprayed a quick coat of primer on them. I still have not welded anything on the inside (closest to the engine) hole. If I end up pulling the engine for anything you can be sure I will cover the hole up. For now I will leave it open. It may actually help keep the insides of the frame horn dry (allowing it to air out) and that will be a good thing: