When I purchased "Guzzler" the dome light was turned off. I didn't notice this because I bought it durning the day but the first time I jumped in the car at night it was plain to see (or not see ). I lived with the car like that for almost two years but it was finally time to do something about it.

The rubber dust cover over the switch was long gone (these have been missing or destroyed on all five Geo Metros I have purchased at this time):

To remove the switch you simply put a small screwdriver in the metal tab and press inward. Do that on both sides while pulling out and it falls out in your hand:

The dome light will turn on when the door is open because it is grounded. To make ground the screw, eyelet, metal clip and body panel must all have continuity:

If the light doesn't turn on you can put an alligator clip on the door latch and then touching it to the top of the screw. This will complete the ground and should turn the light on. If it does, then you should touch the aligator clip to the metal clip (troubleshooting the switch):

Oh, better make sure your switch selector is in the center position before starting all of this:

If your switch doesn't work (aligator clip test) then you need to polish up any dirt or corrosion on it and test again. When the switch is in working order it is a good idea to clean up the body metal so you can get a good contact between the switch and ground:

Instead of sandpaper I used a small rounded file to clean up the rust:

I put some grease on all parts mentioned before that needed continuity. Hopefully this will help with the corrosion in the future:

After fixing my switches and door rust my dome light would turn on but would never turn off. I determined that the problem is a combination of the rubber switch boot being missing and the bottom of the door has been slightly bent outward. A hard rubber pad superglued onto the contact place on the door fixes this:

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