After picking up the Geo and driving back home (175 miles) I was tired and went to bed. The next day I started taking my first real look at what I had purchased. I bought the Geo for $1500 off ebay and I knew she was not in the best shape. There was 147,000 on the clock so I figured an engine rebuild would be coming at some point as well as all the other typical worn out stuff you find on a cheap car like this. Sure enough, I checked the compression and found that the engine was going to have to be torn apart. The compression test numbers:

Dry / Wet
Cyl #1 - 40 / 45
Cyl #2 - 85 / 110
Cyl #3 - 190 / 230

Other points of interest were...

The interior had been stripped of the old moldy carpet. The seats, although in fairly good shape, had worn out seat covers on them:

The driver side visor had been removed and replaced with a DIY wood one. Strange:

The parking brake was way out of adjustment. I tightened up the adjustment nut several turns:

A quick look under the hood:

You can tell that either the previous owner didn't use a funnel when adding engine oil (of course the car consumes oil like crazy) or there were some leaks:

I've always found that looking at the battery is a good way to tell if maintenance has been kept up on the car. You can judge for yourself:

The brake fluid looked like it had not been changed in years. I removed the old fluid, wiped out all the old gunk from the reservoir, and did a flush of all the brake lines:

As always the case, the headlight lenses were trashed:

I spent 5 minutes with some Turtle Wax headlight lens restorer to bring the lenses back to life:

After flushing the brake fluid I started inspecting the brakes. I just can't figure out why anyone would ever put wheels on a car without using anti-seize on the studs. I had a huge problem removing the lug nuts. I stripped a few lugs and studs and found that the right rear wheel was being held on by only three lug nuts. Whoever put this wheel on knew that there was a lug nut missing. Stupid stuff like this can cause someone to wreck. Shame on them!:

The front disc brake pads looked fairly new. The rear brake drums were pretty gouged up and the pads had gouges in them as well:

So, here was my new car with a bad engine, horrible interior, shoddy maintenance - BUT - the body was relatively rust free! Geos have a reputation for rusting out around the front suspension. I don't know how this car managed to avoid this but I'm happy it did. This one is a keeper: