I live in the Charleston, SC area and have several Miata parts for sale.
Everything is for a 90-93 1.6L Miata unless otherwise specified.
I am doing some spring cleaning and parting out my red 1992 Miata garage queen that was totaled in a front end collision.
The car had 40k miles on it and most parts are in very good condition. I am not really interested in shipping orders of
less than $40 and parts that will not fit in a normal box (larger than a suitcase) must be picked up locally (Charleston, SC).
If you want pictures of any of the items below, or if you need an item and you don’t see it listed below, please e-mail us.
We accept PayPal, ask for our account information before sending payment. More details are available on the website
( www.lightweightmiata.com/forsale ). For questions please email "spamthis_AT_homesc.com"
Note: The rear finish panel and radio surround are gone…
Note: I have many parts that are not listed here. Please ask if you don't see something…
PS pump
intake manifold with injectors, TPS, TB, ISC, IAC
front/rear slotted rotors
deltagate turbonetics external wastegate actuator
oil pressure sending unit
intake manifold
rear brake calipers
blue gas cap lid
misc JRSC brackets, hoses, actuators
9/10 PSI JRSC nose pulley (new type)
JR AFPR (ask)
inition switch with trunk lock and key
internal/external door latches and internal rods/levers
cluster switch with cruise control
cluster switch without cruise control (ugly)
2 x throttle body
throttle body with TPS
red gas lid door
40K mile ecu
60k mile ecu
hood release cable and handle
trunk/gas lid release cables and handles
fuel rail
fuel rail with regulator
22 x fuel injectors for 1.6L
4 x fuel injectors for 1.8L (254 cc)
4 x 440cc RC fuel injectors and wiring harness
2 x stock fuel pressure regulator
fuel pump filter (new)
4 x fuel injector connectors (oem)
gas lid release cable and handle
IACv valve (top of intake manifold)
frakenstein bolts and chrome plates
95% complete wiring harness (a few connectors removed)
hazard light switch
nice rubber for triangle windows, trunk, windshield, hood
I also have two nice red doors complete with windows. I will not ship them.