Blue Flash is a Smurf Blue 1991 Mazda Miata:

Over the years, Blue has had several different configurations. She was purchased in 2001 with about 40K on the clock and was my wife's daily driver and showcar for many years. Always a crowd favorite, she usually took home 1st place in her class. The car had a JRSC @ 6PSI on it for several years until it was pulled off and returned to NA for about 18 months. After that time another JRSC was put on the car and in 2007 the car was upgraded to a Link ECU and the boost pressure was increased to 10 PSI with a smaller nose pulley. The car always pulled very hard and was a blast to drive. I would venture to say that it was the most exciting car I have ever driven in my life (yes, even more fun to drive than Red Beast). I pulled the JRSC off in 2008 and sold it to a friend in order to start my "50 MPG Miata Project".
At the time the JRSC was pulled off the specs were:

Jackson Racing Super Charger
Jackson Racing Stage One clutch
Flyin' Miata Link ECU w/ 440 RC injectors.
BRP/Trackdog Pulley Setup

Jackson Racing Supersport Stainless
Jackson Racing 4-1 Ceramic Coated Headers
Trackdog Header Blanket

Jackson Racing Sway Bars
Heim Adjustable End Links
Koni Yellow adjustable shocks
Falken Azenis 195/60R14
1994 7-Spoke Hollow Back OEM rims

JVC MP3 CD Stereo
Clearwater Headrest Speakers
Clarion 6" Door Speakers
Bazooka 5-channel Subwoofer
Cobra WX-ST75 CB Radio

Styling: Custom Red Powder Coating (Cam Cover, JRSC Outlet, JRSC Crossover Tube)
Racing Beat Chrome Style I Bar
Frenzy Windscreen
AutoExpressions Teeth
Custom Underhood Airbrushing

The '84 Vette my wife sold to buy Blue Flash beside my first Miata (Daisy):

Wouldn't you trade the Vette for this?

My wife installing the BRP/TrackDog pulley.

My wife installed the JRSC herself!:

Blue Flash is dressed up for the annual Christmas Parade:

The trailer we were building for Blue (still under construction):