I decided to cut a little weight out of my rear bumper. I wasn't sure what to do but since I had two rear bumpers laying around I figured if I screwed up I could just put the stock stuff back on.

Here's what the car looked like before I started cutting:

Pulling the bumper cover off exposes a black inner bumper:

After the black inner bumper is removed you can see the two tow hook horns (the pax side has been cut off here - this looks easy but I bet it took me 2 hours for each side):

Cutting the black inner bumper down the middle:

The black inner bumper is held to the car with two black pads. These are cut in half as well:

Putting the inner bumper back on:

Next the lower part of the bumper cover is cut off. Before:

And after:

What it looks like when everything is put back on the car. I'm not sure how safe it is but it is a bit lighter:

Here is 10 lbs of junk that was removed: