Drag Racing:

In late 2006, I finally got to go to our local 1/8th mile track and get a decent run. I had been to the races twice before but my racing partner blew out his tranny on initial race (thus ending the day) the first time and I had multiple Link ECU related problems that kept me from running the second time.

Although I got 6 races in the third time I went, my first race was my best. I was plagued by slippery tires and an inability to find 3rd gear. Plans are to put some better rubber on the car as well as swap to Mazda Competition motor mounts (to help with 2nd to 3rd shifting). Here is my first/best run:

RT 0.342
60 FT 2.208
330 FT 6.044
330 MPH 57.580
1/8 MILE 9.108
1/8 MPH 82.830

Here's a video of me blowing my transmission at a drag race in April 2007. It's hard to see but you can watch my revs go up a few times in a row as I try to do a 2nd to 3rd shift.


I do an occasional local autocross. Although I really stink, there isn't any competition (no other cars in my class) so I am undefeated so far . I was originally in the SM2 class but found out I was breaking the "you can't weigh less than 2000 pounds" rule.

Here's a video of me making a fool out of myself at a autocross in April 2007.