The Flyin' Miata Link ECU is a fully programmable replacement for the Miata's stock Engine Control Unit. This computer will allow you to change fuel and timing curves as well as remove the stock airflow meter (a huge bottleneck in the intake system). The graphs and settings below are from the car when it had a Supercharger in it. I am in the process of fine tuning the fuel and timing for the turbo and will update the page when I have finished the tuning. Many thanks to Jeremy Ferber from Flyin' Miata for his help in tuning the car.

The files and graphs below are from my old SuperCharger setup. I never did update this page with graphs of my Turbo setup. Since the car has been sold I probably won't ever get around to it .

Here's a power graph showing the difference a few changes here and there can make (30% increase in HP and 8% increase in torque). Most of the power loss to start with was due to high intake temps dropping the timing.

Here's a graph made from the datalog of the 208 HP run.

The general settings:

The fuel settings:

The ignition settings:

For datalogging I use a Fujitsu Stylistic 3400. It has a 400 MHz Pentium IIII with 64 meg ram, a 6 gig HD, and a 10.4" SVGA screen running Win98SE. I paid $111 shipped for it on Ebay but it arrived smashed at the bottom. Not really a big deal for me so I just put several layers of packing tape on the bottom for support. I built a mounting bracket out of some old bed frame rails my father gave me:

Here is where I am going to mount it (note the two holes at the top of the transmission tunnel and the seat mounting hole:

The main frame is built:

I took a peice of the L channel and heated/smashed it until the angle was much greater. This will mount on the floor:

This is what it looks like installed:

What the mounting bracket looks like from the back:

What the mounting bracket looks like from the top:

FWIW, this is what I used to use for datalogging - a Toshiba Libretto sub-notebook with a P1-166 and a 7" screen: