*** NOTE: This page is a copy of my original lightness page on my cardomain.com website. I'm leaving it up for now but I will be detailing all of my lightness projects on other pages on this website. Quite a bit of this information is obsolete but since this is very much a work in progress you will have to bear with me for a while so I can get all of this stuff sorted out. Thanks...

So far I have decreased the weight of the car by over 300 pounds even though I have added a rollbar and the heavy supercharger/intercooler setup. The difference in the way the car handles and the extra power it has is amazing. A few of the things I removed/changed are not something that most people would do to their car. The passenger seat, side windows, soft top, windshield wipers, and carpet padding are all gone now. I keep the car in the garage or under a tarp right now and can only drive it on sunny days (not really a big deal since we have two other Miatae to choose from if we want to go for a ride in the rain). So far, the only money I have spent on adding lightness has been $250 for fixed headlights and $16 for hood pins. I had planned on selling my low profile headlights (the car they were on was wrecked before I got a chance - but I guess insurance paid me for them) to pay for the fixed system and the expense of the hood pins were justified since my hood latch had broken.

The pictures below show the car in a very rough state (it does not look like that right now). They are just some pictures I had laying around from when I was working on the car.

This is what 1.25 lbs of spare change looks like. So far I have pulled almost 300 coins out of the car. Most was hidden under the carpet but I've found money in the trunk, in the doors, and even UNDER the car sandwiched between peices of sheet metal!. It's amazing how much collected over the past 200k miles and almost comical where it ended up.

UGH! It was disgusting under the carpet (stinky and moldy):

Hosed out the car (yes, with a water hose and scrub brush):

This is what you are left with after you take your soft top off:

Here are some pictures of the trunk lid getting a 7.5# weight reduction. I still have to add hood pins (or would they be trunk pins ) because there are no hinges or catches to keep it on any longer. Stock (on car):

Stock (off car):

After cutting:

Metal that came off (does not include the hardware that is no longer there):

UPDATE: Disclaimer: The majority of the parts were weighed on a cheap kitchen scale and some of the heavy stuff was weighed by holding it while standing on a bathroom scale. Some weights (like the weight of an AC unit) were determined by a concensus of what other people said. Some weights are "theoretical" - I went from driving a red '92 with AC to a red '91 without AC so I get to say I removed the AC. Maybe the weight of the AC didn't actually come off Red Beast but it gets counted anyway. This works both ways too. When I purchased the car it already had a supercharger but I have added the weight of it since the car I was driving before (and a normal stock Miata) did not have one.

# Saved All items removed unless stated otherwise

44.00 replaced 16" chrome rims and tires with factory alloys
38.00 A/C
37.00 soft top
33.00 Passenger seat
27.00 Spare tire and jack
20.00 door windows, mechs, etc
10.75 Door and deck speakers
10.50 replaced headlights with midtenn fixed lights
10.00 replaced P/S with manual steering
8.00 Misc airbag stuff
6.00 replaced flywheel with shaved flywheel
6.00 replaced exhaust manifold with JR headers
6.00 deck lid
6.00 replaced '92 7-spoke alloys with '94 hollow spoke/pad
6.00 replaced catalytic converter with test pipe
5.50 wiper motor, arms, blades, bolts
5.00 replaced steering wheel with Grant GT wheel
5.00 deck/behind seats insulation
4.50 trunk hinges, springs, catches
4.25 bolts and rails for top
4.00 CD player, remote, harness
4.00 Front baby teeth
4.00 insulation under carpet
3.75 pax seat belt
3.75 AFM and square air cleaner
3.50 Speaker wires, +/- wires for amp, antenna
3.25 rear baby teeth
3.00 front air bag sensors, wires, bolts, covers
3.00 trunk ribs
2.50 replaced power windows with manual windows
2.50 plastic engine pan
2.25 Washer bottle, pump, hoses
2.25 dynamat under back shelf
2.00 Fuel line cover, battery cover
1.75 Charcoal canister, solenoid, hoses, harness
1.75 intake brace
1.50 Metal plate under steering wheel
1.50 AFPR
1.50 replaced radiator fans with low profile fans
1.50 replaced hood latch and cable with hood pins
1.25 front fender well liners
1.25 sill plates
1.25 behind seats carpet
1.25 Spare change (under the carpet)
1.00 cut front of cam cover and removed plastic
1.00 sunvisors (both sides)
1.00 rear fender well liners
1.00 soft top latches (car side)
1.00 fuel line cover (on tank)
0.75 Passenger side mirror
0.75 dual exhaust hanger
0.75 pax armrest
0.75 2x speaker covers
0.75 radio surround
0.75 drain tubes and collectors
0.75 Pax sunvisor
0.75 jute under seats
0.75 MSD
0.50 gas lid cable and switch
0.50 hardtop bolts and bracket
0.25 fuel filter cover
0.25 eyeballs and switch
0.25 antenna cable (radio to trunk)
0.25 throttle body brace
0.25 diagnostic connector/airbag bracket
0.25 gas canister bracket
0.25 l-pipe, hose, cover for gas canister
0.25 pillow block for alternator
0.25 radio antenna stalk
0.00 Cruise Control (not sure of weight)
0.00 Trunk carpet (not sure of weight)
0.00 Trunk "back" (not sure of weight)
0.00 rear exhaust heat shield (not sure of weight)
0.00 replaced hood prop with wooden dowl (due to fixed lights)
-1.50 ADDED BBK pulley
-1.50 Additional water in radiator
-3.00 Larger all metal radiator
-6.00 ADDED A/W IC (not sure of weight)
-8.00 ADDED intercooler water pump
-25.00 Jackson Racing Supercharger

320.75 Total weight removed