About a year after doing my rear bumper I decided to cut a little weight out of my front bumper. I really wasn't sure what I would find under the skin but I figured there was a little weight that could be removed there.

Here's what the car looked like before I started cutting:

Pulling the bumper cover off exposes a black inner bumper:

After the black inner bumper is removed you can see the two mounting horns.

There are 4 bolts on each horn (2 on top and 2 on bottom - can't really see them here) that hold the black inner bumper on:

Close up of one of the mounting horns:

Here is the back of the horn where you can see the mounting brackets:

I was going to trim off the extra metal but decided on cutting one mounting bracket from each horn and welded them to the frame.

I've painted the mounting bracket white so it shows up better in the picture:

I first used a hole saw to cut large holes in the inner bumper but ended up removing most of the center section:

The inner bumper would give my bumper skin some support. I'm not sure if this was really needed:

Here is 4.5# of junk that is no longer needed. For the record, it took about 8 hours to do the work and to clean up. I removed about half the weight of what was under the bumper skin. The horns weighed 3.5# total and 3.0# were removed, the inner bumper weighed 4.75# and 1.25# were removed, and about 0.5# of bolts, etc were removed: