There were several goals in the exhaust project:
- Increase the exhaust diameter from 2.25" to 2.5"
- Remove all unnecessary bends from the system
- Install an O2 bung as far downstream as possible for my new Wideband O2 sensor

Not counting the $750 for welding equipment (I had never welded before) and some extra piping I didn't use, the new system only cost me around $41. This was $25 for a 7.5' section of 2.5" straight pipe and $16 for a "cherry bomb" type Flow Tech Red Hots muffler. The Red Hots was 3.5" in diameter and 16" long.

The existing muffler on Beast:

Notice all the turns the exhaust took:

The piping didn't have mandrel bends so all turns were crimped:

The existing 21" Magnaflow muffler ended up being straight through:

This is what it looks like inside my new muffler:

The two systems side by side. The old system weighed 23 pounds and was about 12 feet long. The new system weighs 8 pounds and is 3 feet long:

I later added a 45 degree down turn to keep some of the noise out of the cabin.

My new O2 bung. This was about the best weld I did all day! I have a lot to learn as far as what settings to use on my Mig welder:

The new system on the car:

You can see it dumps out by the drive shaft before the differential (just behind where your seat belt is attached to the tranny tunnel). It looked like I was going to have clearance issues so I added a higher hanger above the stock one. It hangs about even with the PPF now.