In March 2006 I finally put Red Beast on the dyno. I was a little disapointed at the results. I thought I would have around 220 HP but I only had 201 HP. Around 6500 RPM my power took a dive due to heavy knocking caused by a lean fuel mixture. The fuel problem has been solved and I am looking forward to doing some more dyno pulls to see the results.

You can watch the amazing video of my turbo manifold glowing cherry red here (happens one minute into the video).

Getting strapped down for some pulls:

It's not the easiest to see but that is 201HP/193TQ. Note all power dies at 6300 RPM.

This is the link datalog from the run. Notice the huge knock spike (red line) and the resulting drop in timing (blue line). You can also see the CRAZY boost pressure I am running. For some reason my boost pressure wanted to go to 18 PSI that day (orange line):

If you are curious, you can view my dyno run with this program.