In July 2016, I found a game I had been looking for for a quite a while (World Series - The Season). It was a seven hour round trip to pick it up so I looked around on Craigslist to see if there were any other games in the area. I found a guy selling a Zombie Raid for $150 and thought I would give him a call. After talking to him for a while, we settled on $75. He said the game would play blind but the monitor needed replacing. When I got there the game wouldn't fire up at all so I gave him $50 and loaded it on the trailer:

When I got it home the first thing I did was put wheels on it. The game was HUGE and very heavy due to the large cabinet. The cabinet was an old Terminator 2 that had been converted over:

The pictures do not do this thing justice but it looked as though someone poured concrete in the bottom of the cabinet. Maybe it was red clay dust? Whatever it was it would not blow out and could not be brushed off:

The outside was pretty dirty as well but the cabinet appeared to be in ok shape:

Zombie Raid is yet another game that has a very confusing theme. What the demon on the control panel has to do with zombies is a mystery to me:

I found one of the ground lugs on the switching power supply had come undone. Whether or not that is why the game wouldn't boot up at the seller's house is not known but after some checking I did get the game to play blind. It did look like the game suffered from horizontal collapse so I could see this would end up being quite a chore to fix:

The remote control panel for the monitor appeared to have some damage. I'm wondering if that is part of the cause of the horizontal collapse:

There was a label on the frame that said it was a WG7100 but I was having my doubts:

The remote panel didn't look like WG to me and neither did this neck board:

What was this thing?:

There were several burnt areas on the chassis:

And missing components:

I don't know who the board pissed off but they must have been pretty mad:

After weighing my options, I grabbed a 25K7184 that I pulled from one of the games from my barn find. It was a really sorry Lethal Enforcers cabinet that was so rotten that you could pull chunks of wood off it with your hands:

The new K7100 chassis worked but was not perfect. It also had collapse (vertical this time) with only half the screen being filled. In addition it suffered from some color problems. At least I could see what was going on so maybe I could fix it. I ended up putting a cap kit on it and doing some manual degausing:

The next thing to do was work on the marquee. It had the normal dirt and sticker residue on it:

The control panel was pretty bad. It was sticky and had stuff spilled all over it:

Luckily the plexi covering caught most of the dirt. Some sort of liquid had soaked through the bolt/button holes though:

The control panel bolts were pretty bad off:

I chucked them up in the drill and hit them with some sandpaper:

Looking much better:

After cleaning up the control panel I cleaned the buttons and started working on the guns. Since these were Terminator T2 guns they had solenoid knockers in them. I think the dedicated Zombie Raid cabinets had knockers in them too but it made game play worse in this case (also, only one of them was working). I took the knockers out:

The gun for player two did not work very well on the X-Axis. When I opened it up I found that instead of the wires being soldered to the motion pots they were just twisted around the pins. Very strange that someone would go through the trouble of disassembling the gun (not the easiest thing to do) and not take the time to solder the wires:

Since I had the guns taken apart I wanted to work on the faded plastic. The first thing I tried was RIT dye. It had worked for me before on a real gun with a synthetic stock. This must have been a different type of plastic and the dye did nothing:

The next thing I tried was Valspar plastic paint. I put several coats on and even though it looked good the paint would not cure. It left the outside of the gun kind of tacky. I'm assuming it will always be like this (again, I have a real gun that I painted the stock on and it never did cure). I only tried to fix the color on one of the guns. I'll leave the other one alone:

EDIT - After a few weeks I checked again and the paint finally did cure. The lighting makes it looks funny in this picture but the gun does look nice:

So, after all that work I decided that I did not want to keep the game. Up to this point I have only sold one game (and traded another) but room is getting pretty tight so I have to get rid of some stuff. I ended up trading the game to a friend, Clive, for six HP computers. I really didn't need the computer but I needed the game even less. I'll eventually turn some of the computers into MAME machines in the near future. I have a pretty big MAME project coming up and I need to work on the computer side a bit:

These are the specs/info on the computers. They each have an 80GB drive in them which should be plenty big enough for MAME:

So what did Clive do with the game? Well, he hit one out of the park. First, he pulled the monitor out (it developed vertical collapse soon after he got it home) and replaced it with an LCD screen. He then did some control panel work and threw a 60-in-1 in there and sold it for $600. I think it turned out looking pretty good:

He then took the guns and pcb and sold them on Ebay for $500:

Next, he took the broken monitor and traded it back to me for my Street Fighter Alpha 2 control panel:

This is the difference between an arcade novice like me and an expert like Clive. He ended up with a pocket full of cash and one heck of a nice project. I ended up with a monitor with horizontal collapse and another with vertical collapse: