It was July 2016 and I had been bugging a local guy to sell me his World Series - The Season for a few months. I had fond memories of this game and when I worked in the arcade back in 1986 it was a real quarter eater. He would not sell it to me but one day he did send me a text message. "Bob....there is a World Series Baseball in Cape Fear for $225...CL Wilminton!". YES! That was what I had been waiting for. I called the guy and found out that he had been texting me about a Final Lap 3 that I had for sale on CL. After a little discussion it was agreed that I would carry my FL3 to Wilmington (a seven hour round trip) and he would part with his World Series. I asked him if he had anything else for sale and he told me that he wanted to get rid of his Kangaroo (possibly the worlds worst video game). It had three sets of boards (none worked) and a broken monitor. Hmmm - shitty game, broken pcbs, broken monitor. Yes, I jumped on it!

The seller turned out to be a pretty cool guy with a great collection. He had it in a big detached garage in his back yard. A few pictures:

On the way back we ran into a horrible summer storm. I wondered if the cabinets would even make it home:

Not a bad haul for a little drive:

The cabinet on the WS was pretty bad:

The control panel was no better:

I inspected everything and flipped the switch. YES, it worked:

World Series is known for its terrible controls. They are hard to fix and impossible to find. The seller told me that the pitching controller was a little flakey. I could tell by the bad soldering that it had been worked on many times:

Most of the problems with the pitching came from a broken leg on the pot. I don't know if it had been like that for a while or if I was the one who finally snapped it in half. In any event, I cut the pot apart with a dremel and did a quick repair on it. At some time I really need to try to find replacement parts and do this the right way:

I got really lucky when I found some small screws (these things were tiny) to put the pot back together:

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