Twice a year I take a trip back to WV to visit relatives. In the fall of 2015 I had just started collecting video games and the night before we left on our trip someone 25 miles away posted an ad on Craiglist with three games for $150. It was an incredible deal but since I found it a few minutes before getting ready for bed the night before a big trip I didn't get a chance to buy them. Fast forward six months later and the morning we were getting ready to leave on our spring trip to WV I found another ad for arcade games. This time it was an ad for a yard sale with games and there was no way I was going to pass it up. It was going to postpone my long drive to WV by a couple of hours but I jumped in the truck and started driving to the guys house. I called while I was driving and found out he only had two games. The first was a MAME machine that he wanted $500 for (no way was I going to pay that much for something I already had) and the second was a Trophy Hunting game. I consider myself a classic gamer and cannot stand the hunting games or Street Fighter type games. The fact that he wanted $200 for it was definitely a deal killer but since I was already on the road I kept on driving.

When I got to the guys house I saw that the cabinet was in decent shape and offered him $100 for the game. He said it needed a new monitor and $180 was the lowest he would take but when I turned around to walk away he dropped the price to $150. I ended up taking the game and he threw in a Tekken 3 pcb as well. Did I mention that I don't like fighting games? Well, I'll keep the board and maybe put it to good use. I threw the game in my truck, drove home as fast as I could, unloaded it and started on my 10 hour drive to WV. When I got home after the trip I started inspecting the game:

One of the first things I noticed was the 2010 license sticker on it. Most of these games were in bars and this one saw plenty of use:

The smokey bar really took a toll on the game. It was filthy inside and you could hardly see through the glass:

It took me 5 minutes of scrubbing to get all the cigarette smoke tar off the glass:

In addition to the filthy glass there were stickers and glue residue all ove the game. The plexi over the control board had its share of cigarette burns, cracks and sticker residue. I used some WD-40 and elbow grease to remove the residue:

The control panel also had some damage from the hold down bolts. I might just replace the panel at some point:

Now that most of the cleaning was done it was time to work on the functionality of the game. The player one shotgun was not working very well. I took it apart but wasn't really able to see the problem:

While I was in there I cleaned the lens and light source as well as breaking out the super glue and fixing some of the many cracks that 5 years of drunks in a bar had done while slamming the shotguns down. When I put the shotgun back together it started working again but I am not really sure what I fixed. I took the player two shotgun apart for cleaning and repairs as well:

When the Craigslist guy told me the game needed a new monitor I plugged it in and took a look at it. I explained to him that it did not need a new monitor but instead was suffering from vertical collapse (notice how the video does not cover the entire screen). This would be the forth game I purchased that had this condition and I was getting a little tired of working on them. I've only been able to fix one monitor in this condition and have two more sitting on shelves waiting for me to finally figure out what is wrong with them. I figured this one would be no different but a few weeks after buying it I pulled the board and started working on it:

There are many components that can cause vertical collapse so I pulled the monitor chassis out for inspection and decided to do a cap kit while I had it out. I ordered a kit from Ian Kellog (my first time ordering from him) and I was impressed by how nice his kits are:

I got a little busy while restoring this game and did not do a very good job with further documention. I did get the game working perfectly and it turned out to be a really nice game. It was always a hit at parties and I definitely recommend that anyone who buys a hunting game get one that has head to head action. Single player games just wouldn't be as fun. I ended up selling the game to my friend Troy who is currently turning it into an Atomiswave system. His first cartridge is Ranger Mission: