On April Fools Day 2017 I contacted a guy about buying a couple of electronic slot machines. He was pretty eccentric and I was in awe of all the strange junk he had sitting around his garage:

Bruce Lee wearing a Carolina Panthers jersey:

I could have taken 20 more pictures of crazy stuff he had:

He mentioned to me that he used to own an NFL memorabilia store and I walked back to his other garage to see what all he had. I noticed the butt of a rifle stock sitting under a big stack of junk. I knew right away that it was an EM gun game. When he uncovered it I saw it was a 1966 Chicago Coin Super Scope. I bought it on the spot. Once I got it home I started looking around to see what kind of mess I had gotten myself into:

I thought the outside was bad but the insides were worse:

Everything was either rusted or gummed up by someone trying to lubricate it decades ago:

One of the first things I did was remove the broken mirror in the bottom of the cabinet. It would be next to impossible to replace this thing. It is a mirror with translucent places where lights shine through it to create targets. They definitely do not sell this at Walmart:

Here is the mirror taken out and turned over to give a better view of what it actually is:

This is the mirror base and light system:

I pulled the base out and was surprised at what I saw:

Here is a close-up (yes, that is a decayed rabbits foot):

This reminded me of the dead possum I found in another one of my games:

Note - You are probably seeing missing links to some pictures above and some junk below. I still use Notepad to create the html code and have a template with plenty of extra references to pictures to save on typing. As I continue the page I will add pictures and descriptions and these missing links will disappear. I officially started working on my 50 year old Super Scope today and moved it out of storage an into the shop. I've never worked on an EM game before so this should be a little bit of a challenge. The first thing I did (after installing a power cord)? Hacking it for FREE PLAY of course. Who carries a pocket full of dimes around? It looks like the majority of stuff I am going to do to start with it just cleaning. Someone lubricated things in there (which you are not supposed to do) so everything is gummed up. Contacts don't contact, things that are supposed to move don't, things that are supposed to seen can't be. I did manage to scrounge up something that resembles a schematic (several pictures that were taken of an old one that I used a program to join together). It isn't perfect but gives me some ideas. It is hard to follow because a lot of the old fabric wrapped wires have lost their colors. Link to another page: Sippy (Geo Metro Convertible) Watch the video here (the fun starts around the 20 second mark):