In May 2016, I purchased a PacMan machine along with another 9 games in my Barn Find for $400.

It is hard to tell but the cabinet is in bad shape:

The cabinet is PacMan but the marquee shows Ms PacMan:

Wow, I better break out the Windex:

After drilling out the backdoor lock I see there is a PacMan PCB in there:

The inside of the cabinet is disgusting (the picture does not show how truely filthy it is):

The PCB is pretty dirty but I don't see any damage so far:

There have been a few repairs or mods made to the board:

It looks like a normal PacMan PCB but it is strange that 5E and 5F have yellow stickers on them. A tell tale sign that this is a Ms PacMan. So where is the daughterboard? I took a second look in the cabinet but did not see it. I also looked around for screw holes where it would have been mounted. I did not see any:

I swapped the PCB into my Ms PacMan cabinet to see what it would do. It fired up and most definitely had Ms PacMan chips on it. I'm still confused on what I have:

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