In April 2016, we took a trip to Arcadia (yes, that is the real name) Florida to see my wife's grandparents. During that trip we picked up a few arcade machines - Multicade, Silver Strike, and Golden Tee Fore. You will see each of those pages start with this same info because I like the town name and I really like the picture of my truck hauling three games:

We stopped off in the Tampa Bay area on the way down to Arcadia. There was a country club that had two games in the clubhouse that they wanted to get rid of. I paid the rediculous price of $500 for the two games. I think the reason I did it was the theft of my Spy Hunter and Zaxxon games the week before. At some point I will put a webpage up describing what happened but it hasn't fully played out at the point. Anyway, on first inspection the cabinet looked great. It was a custom cabinet but had been designed with a Galaga / Pac Man style:

The cabinet had pretty nice side art as well:

When I picked up the games, the guy running the clubhouse said that that girl who had the keys had just left. This was crazy because I had been in contact with these people for two weeks. I couldn't believe they didn't have the keys waiting for me. Anyway, the guys said they would mail them to me (pshhhh - yeah, right!). I always like to have the keys so I can open the back and inspect the cabinet for foreign material before transporting. There is always something bouncing around in there that will kill the monitor, blow the pcb up, etc. The guy told me that he had inspected the cabinets earlier and assured me there was nothing in them. I took a chance and loaded the game on the trailer. When I got home I drilled out the locks and found out there were several things in the cabinet including a plastic spoon:

Of course, the spoon (or one of the other things in there) knocked one of the legs off the isolation transformer. When I powered up I noticed the monitor would not come on and the game was playing blind. When I saw the loose wire I instinctively grabbed it and I shorted it out on the metal switching power supply (you can see the burnt connector). The game would not power up after that and I was pretty upset until I noticed that it popped my GFCI. Wow, that was a close one. After resetting the breaker I was good to go:

It is hard to see in the pictures but the lower right corner of the monitor is was looking pretty bad. If you look closely you will see the tan boarder around the shapes in that corner compared to the red boarders everywhere else. I used my DIY degaussing coil and it straighted right out:

The joystick was a little wonky so I took it out of 8-way mode and swapped it to 4-way mode. It was better in some games but there were enough 8-way games on the machine to convince me to swap it back. I'll probably replace the joystick at some point:

One problem I noticed was that the screens were larger than the monitor:

You can see the problem on the top as well:

I was trying to adjust the vertical size (I really need to get a mirror when I do this) when I noticed that there was something strange with the bezel (monitor shroud). The cabinet had a 19" monitor but the bezel was only cut for 18.25? Re-cutting the bezel would be a pretty tough job so this is probably going on the back burner for some time:

As I said, the cabinet looked great but I really needed to get rid of that vendor sticker:

Yes, that looks much better:

The heart of the cabinet was the 39-in-1 jamma card. I noticed that it had an eprom (window uncovered of course - I put some tape over it as UV protection) and wondered if I could reprogram it. My hopes were dashed when I ran it through my burner and found out it was a 16-bit eprom that needed an adapter. At $40 for an adapter, it might be a while before I find out what my options are on the card:

Note - You are probably seeing missing links to some pictures above. I still use Notepad to create the html code and have a template with plenty of extra references to pictures to save on typing. As I continue the page I will add pictures and descriptions and these missing links will disappear.