In September 2016 my buddy Big Jay gave me a call at work and said he found a bunch of arcade games at an auction. He said he would call me back with the names and I told him I would let him know if any of them were worth anything. I did not hear back from him that day but the next day he called and said "I bought them". I asked how many and he said there were 16 games. I wasn't sure what to do for him at this point but I said that maybe he could bring a few of them over and I for every two I fixed I would give him back one and I would keep one. A few days later I told that was a stupid idea and I would just give him some cash for the whole lot. When he said I needed to come over to see them first I realized that they might not be in the best condition:

Jay gave me the address and I met him there. They were sitting in his father's old garage:

I took the opportunity to look through the window while I waited for him. Gauntlet and Space Duel - this was going to be good:

Once the door was opened up I could see that it was a Gauntlet 2 in a G1 cabinet:

On the other side of Gauntlet was what I really came to see. Yep, it was a Crossbow and Cheyenne:

As I walked around the games I could see they were looking worse and worse by the minute. This wasn't the good find that I had hoped it would be. We struck an offer on all of them and started loading the first seven on my trailer. Jay's nephew Julius helped out:

Before driving off I noticed that I had a flat tire on the trailer and I was worried I would not make it the two miles to the gas station to put air in it. After filling the tire I had to step back to admire the new games:

The first couple to be unloaded were Bionic Commando and a Kageki in a Centipede cabinet. Almost all of the games were conversions so I knew there wouldn't be much value there:

Bionic Commando was in such bad shape that it did not even make it off the trailer. This was some of the worst wood swelling that I had ever seen:

I stripped it for parts and smashed it with a sledge hammer:

After destroying Bionic Commando, which no one would really care about, I came to a game that I really was excited over. I had played tons of Commando when I was going to college and it brought back a lot of memories. I almost cried when I saw how bad it actually was. Oh well, sledge hammer time again:

After moving the remaining games into the garage I stopped to look around. I knew Jay was going to bring the other nine games in a few days but I really wasn't ready for them. My workshop was full of games and now my garage was going to be full as well. I decided the best way to spend the few days waiting on them was to clean the shelves in the garage. I knew I would end up with lots of parts / monitors and would need a place to store them:

I had been saving old scrap metal and electric motors for years and it was time to finally take them to the dump. I dreamed of all the stuff I would be able to buy with the hundreds of pounds of scrap metal. I had to get a "Non-Ferrous Metal License" from the county in order to take this stuff to the dump (keeps people from stealing catalytic converters and copper wire):

After messing around at the county building and scrap yard all day I only ended up with $32. What a waste! At least my garage was clean. The stuff in the front of the garage was a gang of old Miata parts that I gave to Jay. There must have been $1,000 in stuff there. I was just too lazy to sell it but he should be able to make some good money:

Jay arrived a few days later with the second load. Yes, that pile on the back was indeed a game (Gold Medalist). The monitor was necked and the cabinet was busted. Too bad because Gold Medalist used the same cabinet as Gauntlet:

I put the "Olympic Torch" to the busted Gold Medalist:

Note - You are probably seeing missing links to some pictures above and some junk below. I still use Notepad to create the html code and have a template with plenty of extra references to pictures to save on typing. As I continue the page I will add pictures and descriptions and these missing links will disappear. Link to another page: Sippy (Geo Metro Convertible) Watch the video here (the fun starts around the 20 second mark):

Current status of the "Jay's Auction" games:

8 Ball Action - Converted Donkey Kong sans monitor. Found the "downgrade" chips in the cabinet. Work on this has not started.
Bionic Command - Game was stripped and destroyed (wood damage).
Boot Camp - Game was stripped and destroyed (wood damage).
Cageki - Have not worked on it yet.
Cheyenne - Blown caps on board. Monitor in unknown condition. Deal to sell in progress.
Command - Game was stripped and destroyed (wood damage).
Crossbow - Game boots with no sound. Gun problems. Deal to sell in progress.
Dead Angle - Got the game working. Have not looked at it since booting/playing it for the first time.
Gauntlet 2 - Bad monitor. PCB not booting. Found Gauntlet #1 pcb in the cabinet as well.
Gold Medalist - Game was stripped and destroyed (wood damage / monitor damage).
Gun Smoke - Got the game working but has bad sprite graphics. Have not looked into it much.
Gauntlet 2 - Bad monitor. PCB not booting. Found Gauntlet #1 pcb in the cabinet as well.
Top Gunner - Game was stripped and destroyed (wood damage).
Shinobi - Game was stripped and destroyed (control panel / cabinet damage).
Space Duel - Have not started working on it yet.
Vanguard - Got game working. Monitor badly needs cap kit.