In November 2015 I found a guy in Charleston, WV on Craigslist wanting $150 for a broken Carnival arcade machine and a broken Turbo arcade machine. I jumped on it since Turbo was one of my all time favorite games and I always had found memories of playing Carnival. I wrote the guy and told him I would be up there (a 22 hour round trip) in a couple of weeks. He told me he would hold the games for me. When we got to the guy's house he showed me his basement arcade and I was blown away. Here are a few pictures:

OK, so on to my story. When I get to the guys house I had a hard time fitting both games in my truck. The Carnival was pretty much trashed and I tell him I'm not going to take it. He knocks $50 off the price (essentially paying me $50 to carry the game off for him) so of course I take it. When I get Carnival home I do an initial inspection. The boards don't work, the monitor tube is broken (neck has been snapped off) and there was some really weird modifications made to the game:

A look in the back:

What's this under the monitor?:

Yep, it is a PA system. I have no idea why it is in there but it must be an indication that the amp on the board is trashed:

What a shame to do this to something I remember so well from my youth. I can remember riding my 10 speed bike (I was only 13 in 1980 when the game came out) seven miles to GC Murphy's (I think that was the name of the store) in Parkersburg, WV to play this game:

Like a dead viking I set it ablaze:

Cabinet - $0