In July 2016 I saw a Craigslist ad for a Blasteroids machine. The guy wanted $250 for it and said it only needed some paint and wood putty. I needed another cabinet like I needed a hole in the head but I offered him $150 and he took it. WOW, when I got there I didn't find a cabinet that just needed wood putty. Instead I found a cabinet that was eaten up on the bottom, had mold all over/in it, and looked like it had been sitting out in the salty air for years getting rusty. My guess is that it came from a local bar or restaurant down by the beach. I told him there was no way I was paying $150 and he suckered me into taking it for $75. Oh well, I'm just doing all of this for a hobby anyway so it will give me something to work on for a while:

Yep, just a little putty:

I'm guessing that the leg levellers rusted away long ago:

I've never seen a coin door have corrosion on it like this:

Even the coin mechs are rusted:

The control panel sheet metal is going to need a lot of attention:

The control panel bolts were rusty but that was usual:

I read somewhere that you could take rusty bolts, put them in a brass tumbler (like I use when reloading ammo) and it would shine them up. Nope, it does not work. After around seven hours they came out looking almost like they did when I put them in:

This is another thing I had never seen. The DAG (aquadag) ground spring is completely trashed. The rust ate it up:

Even the chassis was rusty. Not sure how you rust a pcb but it was everywhere:

Not only was the monitor and chassis in bad shape but the neckboard was cracked in half and repaired. What did I get myself into?:

When I picked up the game it had video - barely, but all colors were there. After getting the game home I got to look at it a little closer. The video was now mostly red (probably broke something on the ride back home). I had never owned/worked on a Sharp monitor before but this XM-2001N was going to need a lot of attention. I purchased a full cap kit including filter caps and audio caps:

After installing all the caps I fixed the DAG grounding with some ty-wraps and twist ties. I can't believe I have taken at least 20 CRTs to the dump and didn't have a single spare spring. Hopefully this will hold it for a while:

Once I had everything back together I fired up the monitor. Nope, no picture, no nothing. I checked the B+ voltage since I installed new caps and it tends to wander. The B+ was +154VDC instead of +110VDC:

I pulled D604 (so it wouldn't shutdown) and sure enough the monitor came alive. So, I tested the SCR707 pot to see if something was wrong but it looked good. I also tested D604 just to make sure it wasn't damaged. It looked fine:

After a few days of work, I gave up on the +100V sharp monitor and put a +120V WG19K4900 in there. I had to redo the wiring on the isolation transformer but I figure this would be an easy solution since Blasteroids was not using the audio section of the XM-2001N. I was wrong. The new monitor had what looked like some sort of capacitor issue:

I installed a cap kit but it did not fix the problem. The monitor looked better but it still had some sort of horizontal cap problem which got worse as time went on:

In fact, the problem shifted a bit. Is this a sync problem?:

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