In January 2016 I finally decided to transform my workshop into an arcade. I had grown tired of working on cars and my bad back could not longer take it.

In case you didn't catch the video of my workshop build, I thought I would throw it on this page too:

The first thing I did was to sell my car lift and get it out of the garage. It had been sitting there for 13 years but I am not really sure that I miss it:

The next step was to get rid of the wire shelving that was on the wall and all the junk that was lying on the floor. It is interesting to note that on the left (under the blanket) there are about 60 rifles and on the right (under the white towel) there is 15,000 rounds of ammunition. Prep much? The rifles were sold soon after to a guy from North Carolina (about 3 days before Obama introduced his anti-"gun show" loophole executive order). The ammo? Well, you'll just have to take your chances if you want to see if it is still there. I DO NOT give warning shots!:

Ah, a nice clean spot to start moving things over from my shop:

Next task was to move the heavy "Home Depot" style shelves from my workshop to the garage:

Finally, a place to start my arcade:

I already had two machines in the shop that I was working on so they were moved into place. Doesn't look much like a full arcade yet:

The two MAME machines that I built in 1999 were moved from my FROG to the workshop/arcade. The wire shelves from the garage were installed over the arcace machines to hold arcade parts (buttons, joysticks, monitors, etc):

A month later the arcade got two more additons. A dedicated Ms. Pacman machine and a dedicated Galaga machine:

Once the arcade build was on the neighbors started coming over to play. Here is Jason getting ready to set yet another high score in Frogger. I've always been fairly good at video games. The only people to ever beat me are Jason (Frogger) and Jay Dawkins (Space Duel). I just cannot get the hang of those two games. If anyone wanted to be the third person to beat me at something you should try playing Defender. I completely suck at that game:

The seventh game to be added was another Mame machine. This one was formerly a Daytona USA cabinet that is being turned into a 270 degree driving cabinet:

I added another five games during a two week period in April 2016. They were Trophy Hunting, Final Lap 3, Multicade (39-n-1), Silver Strike, and Golden Tee Fore!

Note - You are probably seeing missing links to some pictures above. I still use Notepad to create the html code and have a template with plenty of extra references to pictures to save on typing. As I continue the page I will add pictures and descriptions and these missing links will disappear.