In May 2016, I purchased a Sega After Burner machine along with another 9 games in my Barn Find for $400.

As was the case with all the machines from the barn find, this one was filthy:

The back showed mold, dirt, and rot:

The bottom was no different:

The welcome mat in front of my shop looks cleaner:

The mounting nuts for the levelers were mostly gone:

I tried a new supplier for leg leveler plates to attach wheels to the bottom of the cabinet:

Three of the four immediately fell off due to faulty welds:

Once I could actually roll the cab around I took it outside and opened it up. What a mess! For some reason the switching power supply was nearly ripped off the floor:

Behind it there was some sort of nest made out of paper and twigs:

When the control panel was opened up I could see there was the usual dirt, mud dobber nests, and spider webs:

Once the insides were cleaned out I sprayed Fabreez over all of the wood to soak up some of the stink. I wiped some of the dirt off the sides and pulled the monitor bezel off. It was interesting to see that this cabinet used three incandescent lights. This wasn't for background lights, this was for flashing during gameplay:

A few weeks later I saw an ad for another After Burner machine. The video didn't work (just like my original After Burner). It was a seven hour round trip drive but I couldn't resist picking it up. I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of it in place but here is the hole I pulled it from. A few feet away from the After Burner sat a Fun Land Rifle. Nope, it wasn't for sale:

Hmm, mud dobber nest under this one as well. That must have been a factory option:

The new AB was dirty but still much cleaner than the original one:

Since both the games were playing blind I pulled the monitors / chassis and washed most of the crud off of them. You can see glue all over one of the chassis:

I did a quick cap kit on the K7900 monitor chassis but it didn't help due to a cracked flyback transformer:

After replacing the caps and flyback on chassis #1 (barn find) I turned my attention to the monitor/chassis in machine #2. I found that the flyback was cracked in that one as well. Also, resistor R105 was lying in the bottom of the cabinet. It had been burnt off the board:

The back of the board where R105 once was:

Hmmm, I don't see an isolation transformer in here (I guess I don't know what I am looking for):

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